Energiespeichersysteme Energy Storage Systems
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In the past, ACTARON offered individual solutions and applications for stationary battery systems.
Thus, the know-how and experience in system engineering and qualification of storage systems arises.

We provide:

  • complete engineering for battery solutions
  • lithium-ion battery technology
  • IEC 61508, EN 50272, UN 38.3
  • AC/DC and DC/DC inverters (supplied by partner)
  • advanced battery management systems - SIL2
  • state-of-the-art remote diagnostic communications
  • DC-Home / micro-grid < 60 VDC energy storage
  • USB Power Delivery Network battery solutions

Why go DC?

Today over 60 % of the world’s population do not have access to a conventional or reliable power grid. In many circumstances, the affected populations may never have access to reliable power based on conventional AC grid role out calculations. Like the recent mobile telecommunications revolution. DC micro-grids will invigorate energy poor and remote communities around the world as well as enabling these communities to leapfrog the energy gap.

Since over 80 % of all household appliances operate with a power of less than 100 W- mobile phones, LED monitor, LED TV, desktop computer, laptop, radio etc. instead of using many low power and in efficient AC-DC rectifiers one can tap directly into a house solar network by means of a dedicated DC/DC converter to provide wall socket DC power up to 60 VDC. A 1 - 5 kWh battery will buffer day time power dips and spikes or provide continuous power during night time usage.


Our expertise in battery solutions can be used for different applications.

Industrial machinery manufacturers are slowly replacing traditional mechanical and hydraulic systems with hybrid electric drives that improve efficiency, simplify the operation, and lower operating costs.
These systems must be configured and calculated, to assure an economic and technical success for the customer.

  • Light forklifts, airport aircraft movers, boats, and ships
  • Agrimachines to huge construction machines (some hundreds of kilos to tens of tons)
  • Environments: indoor, mines, agricultural fields, forests, industrial and logistic centres
  • Required power varies much more: from about 5 kW to 100 MW class machinery
  • High force, performance and torque.