Leistungselektronik Power Electronics
ConceptsEnergy Storage SystemsPower Electronics


ACTARON provides specialist hardware and software engineering solutions. We provide transparent advise to customers during the concept, development, verification, integration, and production phase.

The ACTARON hardware and software team can either provide all inclusive system solutions or provide taskforce support. Our solutions are: flexible, tailored and innovative.

Integration of Renewable Network Units:

  • Optimization of renewables load flows
  • Storage in distribution networks (Li-ion)
  • EV and PHEV fleets in distribution networks
  • E-boat in distribution networks
  • Ship-to-Shore infrastructure networks
  • Local balancing of LV networks (50 V-1 kV)
  • Voltage control of MV networks (1 kV-40 kV)
  • Secure network monitoring communication
  • Secure network control communication
  • Generation and grid load balancing


Power Electronics:

Hardware and Software Solutions:

  • Energy Management Unit (EMU) - SIL2
  • Battery Management Unit (BMU) - SIL2
  • HV and LV lithium-ion battery - SIL2
  • Infrastructure to host ship-to-shore
  • Infrastructure to host EV & PHEV fleets
  • Concept - rapid prototypes - small series
  • LV and MV power network solutions
  • Smart distribution networks LV and MV


Range of Services:

  • Conception
  • Power electronics
  • Schematic and Layout Solutions
  • Thermal management and simulation of power electronics
  • Mounting and connection technology
  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial measuring and control technology (analog and digital)
  • Hardware- and software-based control units in small series
  • Electronics for high reliability applications
  • EMC-conform design
  • Software development
  • Development of control apps
  • System validation