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Innovation - Development - Production:

The EU is one of the largest producer of motor vehicles in the world. Hence, automotive industry plays a very important role for innovation within the European economy - exporting much more than it imports. Moreover, with 18.4 thousand enterprises, it employs over 2.2 million people, and is either directly or indirectly responsible for over a third of all manufacturing jobs in EU 27 and thus is a major employer of skilled workforce. The automotive sector also accounts for one of the biggest shares of private investments in R&D and covers a wide range of materials in its supply chain: metals, plastics, chemicals, textiles and electric & electronic systems.

Automotive Industry to 2020:

Just improving the existing internal combustion technology is not enough. Although the potential to reduce emissions from gasoline and diesel engines will reach up to 40% and 30% respectively by 2020, there is still a gap of more than 10 g/km CO2 to the European target of 95 g/km. Therefore, more serious efforts in power-train electrification are required. This is already taking form of some automotive manufacturers investing in modernizing the vehicle low voltage power network by increasing the voltage from 12 V to 48 V.



ACTARON offers a collaborative approach, delivering high value, high quality solutions.

Key ACTARON Competencies

  • V-model based systems engineering
  • Strategic and Management Consulting
  • System Specifications
  • Requirements Management
  • Safety Management: H&R, FMEA
  • Architecture Definition HW & SW
  • System Modelling
  • Safety Critical Control Systems
  • Power-train development and design
  • Components and systems development
  • Components and integration
  • Systems testing and validation
  • Homologation / certification support