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The Rising Tide:

ACTARON provides innovative marine electric power-train solutions – propulsion and auxiliaries’ i.e. onboard appliances. In a number of niche applications the boat building and shipping industry is transitioning to all-electric vessels. The benefits will be enhance ship functionally, reliability, reduced crew size—and lowered ship life-cycle costs.


Electric power-trains enable many applications:

  • Vessels to cruise electrically at low or medium speed into the harbor at zero emissions.
  • The vessel could recharge the batteries utilizing onshore power and / or solar power.
  • The offshore drilling industry where flammable gases and vapor are present
  • Below the waterline submersible applications
  • Vessel operation in ecologically sensitive areas such as drinking water lakes or nature reserve


ACTARON provides support for the choice and qualification of suitable storage concepts that is capable of bi-directional interaction with the power grid. This capability provides local grid stabilization (smart grid compatible) and if required provide temporary or emergency power supply for offshore facilities.

IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005-1: The IEC recent newly published International Standard for ship-to-shore power. Increasingly, ports are installing HVSC (High Voltage Shore Connection) systems to supply electric power to berthed ships to meet tighter harmful emission limits”:

  • shore-to-ship connection and interface equipment
  • transformers/reactors
  • semiconductor/rotating convertors
  • ship distribution systems
  • control, monitoring, interlocking and power management systems



ACTARON offers a collaborative approach, delivering high value, high quality solutions

Key ACTARON Competencies:

  • V-model based systems engineering
  • Strategic and Management Consulting
  • System Specifications
  • Requirements Management
  • Safety Management: H&R, FMEA
  • Architecture Definition HW & SW
  • System Modelling
  • Safety Critical Control Systems
  • Power-train development and design
  • Components and systems development
  • Components and integration
  • Systems testing and validation
  • Homologation / certification support