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Most of the European network has been built more than 30 years ago and has been designed for one-way energy flows from large centralised fully controllable power plants to the customer. The electric utility industry is undergoing profound changes while evolving towards distributed generation.

As generation becomes more common from rooftop solar and wind generator units, the differences between distribution and transmission grids will continue to blur in the form of a new class of small to medium sized energy consumers (electric/hybrid vehicles, SME’s) and producers (wind, solar) i.e. Prosumers. The new emerging “smart-grid” utilises two-way flows of electricity, remote smart metering with safety and status information. This energy transition success is dependent on the implementation of key innovation topics by 2020.
Current Energy Providers Innovation Goals:

  • Smart metering and data processing
  • Integration of SME’s for voltage control concepts
  • Local balancing of LV networks (50 VAC – 1 kVAC)
  • Integration local storage and e-mobility units
  • Voltage control concepts for MV network (1kV–40 kVAC)
  • Integration of storage technology in grid management
  • Infrastructure to host EV/PHEV with voltage control
  • Monitoring and control of LV networks
  • Automations and control of MV network
  • Integrated and secure communication solutions
  • Replacement obsolete equipment with best TCO
  • Improved prediction technologies
  • Low carbon economy


ACTARON has conducted a number of projects with energy and power grid utility suppliers, who consistently require in-house special engineering solutions i.e. smart grid management technology for SME scale electric vehicle fleets (2 - 20 vehicles).

ACTARON has identified the potential to increase its profitability through product development and innovation. ACTARON combines its intimate automotive background and system engineering understanding of the grid management industry.


ACTARON supports the energy providers and grid managers through providing expertise in clean technology and grid ready energy storage solutions.

Key ACTARON Competencies:

  • V-model based systems engineering
  • Strategic and Management Consulting
  • System Specifications
  • Requirements Management
  • Safety Management: H&R, FMEA
  • Architecture Definition HW & SW
  • System Modelling
  • Safety Critical Control Systems
  • Power-train development and design
  • Components and systems development
  • Components and integration
  • Systems testing and validation
  • Homologation / certification support