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Growth – believing that we are good, is not good enough, our customers must share our belief. We invest in high tech projects and products. We carefully select our projects and customers, which reflect our long-term innovative goals. They should benefit from our successes and grow from our solutions. We never overlook the bottom-line.


He who sells the shovels profits the most from a gold rush - ACTARON makes the shovels


ACTARON is based in Moedling near Vienna / Austria. We focus on the development of innovative energy solutions for our diverse customer applications.

Mission Statement:

To be the partner of choice for the world's leading energy solution providers, industrial technology innovators, medical device providers, and mobility companies by helping them create, enhance, and maintain their market lead through innovative, reliable and cost-effective electric technologies.

To realize this vision, ACTARON is developing evolutionary energy- and storagesolutions.     


"Powering a Smarter Future"


Innovation - we strive always to be open-minded and flexible in our work practices and technical solutions. Our greatest assets are our highly skilled people. We nurture a forward thinking development culture that is technically innovative and socially responsible. We are never content to be just part of the crowd; our ability to encourage new ideas and adopt creative technical solutions makes us stand out from our competitors.


Sustainability – where possible we endeavor to choose those projects that have an environmental and social benefit. Our product and customer base reflects a core vision of sustainable living without needing to compromise on quality of life. Our knowledge and experience combined with integrity gives us a competitive edge for long-term sustainable partnerships with our customers. Our openness and honesty encourages strong and profitable partnerships.


Quality and assurance through excellence – state-of-the-art means that whatever we do today can always be done better tomorrow. We consult, coach, and guide our customers from the first idea to the final decommissioning of the product. We ensure that that customer can rest at ease knowing that their product is developed and operating at to the highest standard of reliability and safety.


Efficiency – the world’s economy is a finely balanced and complex turning machine. Efficiency is the watchword of today’s competitive and globalised. We develop, demonstrate, manufacture highly efficient and innovative electric powered technologies for marine, stationary power, and mobile industrial machines. We focus our efforts on improving the efficiency of existing energy intensive and future technologies.


Reliability - we set ourselves a high standard towards our customers. We are committed to delivering and to responding to the needs of our colleagues and customers in professional and confidential manner. Hence, whatever we do is to a high standard and provides value for money. When we meet and support our customers, we remain focused to our customers’ needs by creating the right solutions on time.


ACTARON provides system solutions

ACTARON is a specialist in the specification and development of industrial low voltage (< 60 V) and high voltage (60 V - 1000 V) electric power-train solutions. ACTARON has a unique multi-industry insight based on our applied systems engineering background in industries such as:

  • Portable power modules (1 kWh)
  • DC-micro-grid solutions
  • automotive
  • mobile industrial machines
  • maritime & ship-to-shore networks
  • medical devices applications.