Management Management



  • Project Management & Consulting
  • Process and Quality Management
  • Software Development
  • Functional Safety / Compliance Management
  • Maritime Technology



  • Business Economics and Physics - Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

Industry Competencies:

Aerospace – Automotive - Industrial Machinery – Maritime - IT - SW Product Assurance

Career Synopsis:

Manfred Reisner worked already in parallel to the third level education in industry. Manfred Reisner has over 16 years of industrial experience and has worked over the years in various functions such as team leader, management consultant, systems engineer and safety manager in product development for numerous applications:

  • Automotive - hardware, software, power electronics
  • Aerospace - software product assurance
  • Agricultural / construction vehicle drivetrains
  • Marine systems engineering
  • IT software product assurance

 Performance Products

  1. Systems Engineering
  2. Energy Storage Solutions
  3. Medical Energy Storage Solutions
  4. Distributed Grid Applications
  5. Backup Energy Stoarge Solutions